How to apply an insurance charge back to billings in Lytec

How to apply an insurance charge back to billings in Lytec

If you enter an amount in the Total Charge Backs field in the initial screen of the Apply Insurance Payment wizard (Payemnts > Apply Insurance Payment), you will go to a screen where you can apply those charge backs.

When applying charge backs, select either the patient or the billing number. This will display the billing date, total charges, total payments, and balance from the billing. The charge back is entered into the Charge Back column.

Please note that you must use first create an  Insurance Charge Back in Lytec. You can do this from the List Menu and select Transaction Codes.

Total Charge Backs: This area will show the total charge backs to be entered.

Charge Backs Entered: This area will show the total amount of the charge backs that have been entered during this session of applying insurance payments.

Add Button: Click the Add button to add additional lines to assign charge backs to other billings.

Delete Button: Click the Delete button to delete a charge back payment line item.

Note Button: Click the Note button to include a note with the charge back. See Insurance Charge Back Note in the Lytec Help.

Back Button: Click the Back button to navigate to the previous window if you have moved beyond the first window in the Apply Insurance Payment window.

Next Button: Click the Next button to navigate to the next window in the Apply Insurance Payment wizard, the Apply Insurance Payments to charges window. Click Apply Insurance Payments to Charges for information on applying an insurance payment.

Navigate Button: Click the Navigate button to jump to a previous or specific patient during a payment session.

Post Button: Click the Post button to post transactions to their respective billings once all transactions from a payment session have been entered into the Apply Insurance Payment wizard.

Close Button: Click the Close button to close out of the wizard completely.